Theresa Dedmon Creative Conference

In February 2023, we welcome Theresa Dedmon, leader of Create Academy to join us for an exclusive weekend conference to equip and release creativity in the prophetic and spiritual with us.

You can expect worship, brilliant teaching, ministry, outreach training and practical application of creativity in your faith.

This conference is for everyone, even if you don’t see yourself as creative!



7:00PM - 9:00PM

Event introduction – art and worship with teaching from Theresa Dedmon.


10:30AM - 4:30PM

Teaching from Theresa, breakout workshops, teaching, outreach and activation. 


7:00PM - 10:00PM

An evening of art, creativity and worship with Theresa and the team from Loved to Worship.



Theresa will be teaching at our 10.30am church service at CLC St Helens. 


**Event details are correct at time of publishing. Itinerary and content subject to review and change and will be posted here if any changes are made.


Our Saturday event features a number of exciting workshops that you can choose from. On our booking form you can pick up to 3 that you would like to attend. Spaces will be allocated before the event.

Creativity when done in partnership with God has the power to heal people physically and emotionally, as well as prophesy destiny and change the course of one’s life. I will activate you and share testimonies so that you can experience this as well.

We are seeing unprecedented doors open up to us through simple ways of meeting needs, celebration, and honoring others within our communities. I will be sharing testimonies and coaching you into your destiny.

We are seeing God prophesy through many different expressions of the arts including writing, fashion, photography, drawing, singing, music and more. Discover the supernatural power released through your creative expression in worship, in the marketplace, and with family and friends. We will share testimonies and then have time for you to create in His presence & prophesy through the arts!

We are seeing miracles released through dance in the healing rooms, out in the community and in other places! We will examine the power of dance and then release you to dance in His Presence. This is a time for us to learn to dance on injustice and release God’s Presence all around us!

Music carries the power to transform us! Learn how you can prophesy and release the sound and song inside of you! We will be equipping you to heal and set people free as David did in the Old Testament through music and singing.

We will examine the power of reaching others through online platforms through creativity! Then, we will coach you on how to start doing this to transform culture as you partner with God’s Presence.

This workshop will focus on people who have a passion for writing and art and want to learn how they can be activated in worship and how this can be a platform for social media, touching people in church, healing others, and this can be used in every day life as well. My team heads up arts on stage with me at Bethel and want to equip you to run with your dreams and pursue your heart’s desire.

This workshop will teach you how to bless others through gifts, like food, photography, cards, flowers, and hospitality. You can bring what you have to the workshop, create, and then hear testimonies about how local businesses are being touched through gifts like photography, social media, and gifts in other cities I have ministered in and in Redding, Ca.



10:00AM - 3:00PM


An outreach event with the Create team and Theresa at the World of Glass St Helens.


Details TBC


1:00PM - 4:00PM



An event for kids, parents and children’s leaders to explore creativity in a fun, exciting workshop led by Theresa


Details TBC


I have always felt the whispers of God ever since I was young, calling me into ministry, where I have pastored, equipped, and taught for the last 30 years. In 2002, my family attended Bethel, which led to a 19-year staff position, overseeing Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry and forerunning the Creative Arts both at Bethel, in the school, and overseeing projects for cultural transformation within Redding.

All of this has led to worldwide speaking engagements, where I help churches and communities start their journey of releasing God’s creativity to supernaturally move in and through every believer’s life

For the past 5 years, I have developed an online Creative university, called Create Academy, where students from around the world are mentored by me and my leaders through my courses, weekly zoom meetings, and small group interactions, where they learn who they are and how they can work together for the changes we need in our communities and church experiences.

We are changing the world. Together, a mighty creative army of laid-down lovers for Jesus is emerging that can’t be stopped, bought out, or compromised.