CLC Kids


Rock Solid

We love to worship together as family and believe our children grow as they experience the presence of God during gathered worship. During the first part of our church service we want parents and guardians to help their children engage and take part in the worship, prayer and communion elements.

At an appropriate break in the service (at approximately 11:00 – 11:15am) there will be a verbal announcement for children to go out to Kids Church. Please ensure Little Pebbles (age 3-7) are taken to their groups or taken to a leader as they leave.

Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Our Groups

For the Little Pebbles group (ages 3-7) we ask that parents now collect their children following the end of the service. Due to growing numbers it is no longer practical for leaders to bring all of the children back to their parents. For our stepping stones (age 7-11) with parents’ permission we allow our older children to make their own way back to parents.

Precious Gems

0-3 Years

The crèche will be specifically for parents with children from birth to two years old and we ask that older children are not to be in the crèche unsupervised. Please be aware you will need to supervise your little ones in the crèche as this is not teacher led.

Little Pebbles

Reception – Year 2

Our second age group facilitates worship, prayer and engaging with the bible with a value for our children experiencing the presence and love of God. This group facilitates activities and crafts to engage young hearts and minds with Jesus. Little Pebbles is a teacher led group but parents are welcome to accompany children aged 3 as they join Kids Church.

Stepping Stones

Year 2 – Year 6

The oldest group in our children’s church facilitates worship, prayer and the bible but with a greater level of discussion and sharing as the children grow in their faith and understanding. It is our desire that our stepping stones experience Jesus and are allowed the space to express and share their faith.

Our Kids Church Team

Linda Ryan

Children’s Leader

Kath Lawrenson

Children’s Leader

Emma Ward

Children’s Leader

Paul Emanuel

Children’s Leader

Jacob Graham

Children’s Leader

Sancie Almeida

Children’s Leader