Use Your Reach

REACH is an initiative encouraging our family to see themselves primarily as disciples of Jesus on His mission in our world, reaching out and touching the lives of people around us. REACH groups help us to get together to learn from one another as disciples; to encourage and pray for one another in extending our influence beyond the church building and into the lives of the people who need us.

Find a Group

We are blessed to have groups of all shapes and sizes meet right across St Helens. If you’re looking to connect with Reach group, do get in touch with us and we’ll help join the dots and try to find you a group to join.


Start a group

If you’re a regular attender at CLC and you feel God is calling you to start your own group of people in your REACH, then please let us know using this form or speak to us on a Sunday. We’d love to help you get going and we are working on materials to help you create a REACH group that develops relationship, discipleship and mission.

Alternatively, If you’ve had a look above but there’s none in your area and you don’t want to start a group, please contact us here and when something becomes available we can contact you!

Go Deeper

If you’ve been part of CLC for a while, you might want to know more about some of the church services we do throughout the year. Things like church membership, baptism, dedication, missional marketplace and others.